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Have questions? You can find many answers for most commonly asked questions below. For all other questions and support please reach out to us at and one of our lovely Elevate the Globe team members will get back to you!

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General FAQ

What is Studio Intune?

Intune is our new digital yogic self therapy and modern mindfulness platform that can be accessed 24-hours-a-day anywhere around the globe! Intune is a wellness studio for meditation, breathwork, and kriya yoga practices on demand and customized for you. Discover the ancient practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation for your emotional and mental well-being. Intune blends mantra, breath, meditation and movement to ground you in your body, unlock emotional freedom and cultivate presence and empowerment. From your bedroom to your hotel, you’ll have access to our collection of meditations, Kundalini classes, resources, workshops and more right in the palm of your hand. No matter what you need support with, there is most likely a meditation for you on Studio Intune. Discover practices that align and flow with you and choose the emotional state you’re experiencing or want to tap into, the amount of time you have to practice, then follow along and reap the powerful benefits of Kundalini yoga.

Who is Studio Intune for?

Studio Intune is for anyone who is ready to grow their conscious relationship to themselves, build or cultivate a meditation/yoga practice, work through limiting beliefs, heal trauma, get to know themselves on a deeper level and call in abundance in all areas of life. Through the use of astrology, the sun transits and the moon cycles paired with Kundalini Yoga, the emotional scale,  and the Elevate the Globe lifestyle we’ve curated an aligned experience where you’re working with the energy available instead of against it. Stay aligned through the ups and downs of life and be inspired and held accountable through community, creating a massive shift toward love, joy and abundance!

How can I try Studio Intune before I make a commitment?

Access our 7 day free trial to try out Studio Intune and see how it works and what it offers.

I have a membership to the 528 Abundance Academy and the Elevated Mastermind Collective - Does it apply to Studio Intune?

As long as you’re a member of The Elevated Mastermind Collective you’ll have access to Studio Intune. If you have a current 528 Abundance Academy you’ll receive membership to Intune at the adjusted price as long as you would like to stay a member until the 528 Abundance Academy closes its doors.

Purchasing a Membership

Subscribing to Studio Intune means you will have unlimited 24/7 streaming access to all videos and lives we have included in the membership package you choose, for a recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly price. The number of videos included in the membership package can vary as we rotate the video archive every month. 

The membership options are:

Standard Membership:

- Daily access to the library of Online Yoga Practices, Meditation, Breathwork, Emotional Self Therapy and Lifestyle Series Practices. 


- Downloadable Themed Map (monthly drop)

- At least 2 meditations per month based on the monthly theme

- Access to live classes

- 7-Day Free Trial


Monthly: $25.99 

Quarterly: $69.99

Annual: $257.99

Unlimited Membership: 

- Everything in Standard Membership, plus....

- Access to Quarterly Pill Boxes

- Access to workshops past & future

- 7-Day Free Trial


Monthly: $44.99

Quarterly: $120.99

Annual: $444.99

I Signed Up for a Free Trial, but Now I’m Being Charged -- What Happened?

Free trials only last for 7 days before converting into membership accounts. You were charged for the membership when your free trial ended.

Membership Policy: Sharing, Refunds & Cancellations

No sharing of memberships. Members of Studio Intune may not share, give or sell their password or username to any other person or entity. Excessive viewings or logins by any Member will be construed by Studio Intune as fraudulent use of the Website, which will result in the immediate cancellation of membership without refund. When becoming a Member, you agree to take all actions possible to protect your username and password from fraudulent use. 

Membership Subscriptions are non-refundable. There will be no prorating in regard to a cancellation. The cancellation will be effective at the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you are on a monthly recurring subscription you may cancel at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will still have access to the videos until the period you have paid for expires. If you are on a yearly subscription you may cancel at any time but will not be refunded for the remaining period of your subscription. You will still have access to the videos until your year ends. No further charges will be made once you cancel your subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

We know that practicing Kundalini Yoga can truly help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of... just like our previous students have experienced and the results are through direct, personal experience so we encourage you to try it multiple times to receive and understand the benefits. You can’t know what it’s like until you test it out for yourself. Our wish is for you to experience greater peace, joy, and meaning in your own life. We offer a free 7 day trial that you can cancel at any time without being charged, and if you cancel after your trial has ended and has moved into a membership, your membership will continue to the end of the current billing cycle. There is no prorating in regard to a cancellation. 

To cancel your membership: Simply log into your account and click on “dashboard”, and then click My Account, then select Billing. Scroll down and you'll see a button called Change Plan. Click Change Plan, then click Cancel Membership. Once you've canceled, you won't be charged again, but your membership will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

Email us if you have any trouble. 

Is everything online?

Studio Intune is run online via video chats, video livestreams, video workshops, audio workshops, and social platforms. 

Why Was My Credit Card Declined?

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for recurring subscription billing, and therefore may be denied.

How Do I Update My Credit Card?

Changing your credit card information is easy. Sign in to Studio Intune, then follow these simple steps:


Remove old cards and enter new card information.

How Do I Change My Password?

Once signed into Studio Intune, you can change your password by selecting DASHBOARD in the top navigation and navigate to SECURITY and change your password. 

I Can’t Remember My Password -- What Do I Do?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Sign In” from the Menu. You will be taken to the Sign In page. Click “Forgot Password”, enter your email address when prompted and click “Send Reset”. You will then be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

I Clicked on the “Forgot Password” Link but Never Received a Reset Password Email. What Do I Do Now?

Try checking to see if it was accidentally sorted into your spam/junk/promotions folders in your inbox. Also, make sure that the email you are checking is the same as the one used on your account. If all else fails, contact us at and we’ll assist you in getting back in. 

My Video Doesn’t Play Back Smoothly. How Can I Fix This?

Video playback depends on many factors including the quality of the internet connection, the internet browser and computer or device being used. If there are playback issues, please try the following suggestions:

1. Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10Mbps for smooth playback.

2. Try refreshing your browser or switching to a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Google Chrome is the optimal browser for streaming Studio InTune.

3. Use a different device.

4. Restart your wireless router or modem.

Can I get a Refund?

Purchased Classes and Subscriptions are non-refundable and we do not prorate. If you are on a monthly recurring subscription you may cancel at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will still have access to the videos until the period you have paid for expires. If you are on a quarterly or yearly subscription you may cancel at any time but will not be refunded for the remaining period of your subscription. You will still have access to the videos until your year ends. No further charges will be made once you cancel your subscription.

How do I create a Favorites List?

To add a video to your Favorites list click on the little heart that appears under the video. To delete a video from your Favorites list play the video and click the heart again. It will then be removed from your list.

Does Elevate The Globe Offer Private Coaching?

Yes, Elevate the Globe does offer private coaching through their VIP membership within The Elevated Mastermind Collective. To request more information, please contact

What is The Elevated Mastermind Collective?

We developed The Elevated Mastermind Collective -— an elite, high-vibe business mentorship program — to help you build on your spiritual foundation and manifest your next moves with confidence. We give you spiritual and purpose-driven content that is curated to align your life and give you an abundance of clarity, fulfillment and success. This 6-month to 12-month long program will give you private group coaching from us, Britt + Tara, a network of friends ready to work alongside you to change the world, and the tools + guidance you need to become an instrument of the Universe and THRIVE.

When you become part of the collective, you get access to meditations, practices, soul work, ancient teachings, practical business tips, high-level energetic support and encouragement you need to take your work to the next level.

Pregnancy, Menstruation, Injuries & Health Conditions

Please review our full pregnancy guidelines on the app, and explore The Conscious Bump for more coaching, practices, support and guidance.

Pregnant women may fully participate but after their 120th day of pregnancy may not do breath of fire or any posture that puts any pressure on their belly including raising and lowering of the legs or pulling the root lock. Please consult with your physician before practicing while pregnant. 

Women on their menstrual cycle may fully participate but are advised that during the first three days of their cycle to not do breath of fire and be gentle with any posture that might put pressure on their midsection including raising and lowering the legs and pulling the root lock.

If you have past or present injuries, medical conditions, or are pregnant, check with your doctor first before doing any yoga. No matter what your experience, listen to your body.

Please use your intuition at all times. 


Children may attend class only under the supervision of an adult guardian. Children under the age of 18 cannot have their own Studio InTune account; they may attend class with the guardian account holder.

Physical Modifications 

Please reduce the time of any posture that feels painful or rest until the next posture in the Kriya. Please listen to your body; it is better to lean on your intuition of what your body needs than to overextend or strain yourself. We are here to open the energy, physically as well as spiritually.

Have more questions? Email us at We’ll respond within 24-72 hours.