Are you ready to experience your most blissed-out year ever?

This intro to Kundalini collection is for the Spiritual Babe Warrior and includes 6 videos on everything you need to know to incorporate Kundalini Yoga into your life! You will also get a full-length Kundalini Yoga class to elevate your consciousness and vibration, release blocks and step into your true power and high levels of health and inner happiness. 

PLUS A BONUS MINI E-BOOK with our favorite playlist and mantras for prosperity, protection, and to release negativity and anxiety (these you can play as background music or in meditation and receive all the benefits they have to offer) and the itunes playlist link with some of our favorite Kundalini songs/mantras!


We’ve become the happiest and healthiest we’ve EVER been from this practice and everything we’re giving you in this collection. You can stream all of your digital Intro to Kundalini collection and yoga class from your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can watch from wherever you are and have lifetime access!!!

And….this is all you need to get started to lay an amazing foundation to bring Kundalini yoga and meditation into your life. You will get access to all of this instantly and can get started right away experiencing all the bliss this ancient practice has to offer.



Full-Length Kundalini + Meditation Class Video

Intro Video for the collection

Why we Practice Kundalini and Why Now is the time Video

History of Kundalini Video

What, Why, How Kundalini Video

What to expect (everything you need to know about practicing and going to class) Video

Mudras (hand placement) Video

Mini Mantras + Music E-Book (BONUS!) + itunes playlist link

PLUS a BONUS Kundalini Stress Release Audio Meditation to use as a morning practice or to wash away the stress of your day (3 and 11 minute versions)

What People Are Saying

"I cannot even express how much I enjoyed the Kundalini yoga class and how powerful it was for me!! It seriously brought me to this place that I have been wanting to/trying to get to for a very long time. Britt + Tara have the most radiant energy of anyone I have ever met, and I cannot thank you enough for creating such an inviting and safe place to allow me to really experience Kundalini."

~ Elizabeth Lim

"Britt & Tara are the real deal, you guys. From the kundalini session itself to the kriyas, mantras, soulful conversation, and post-session chat about our spirit guides (Tara saw them, yes, she’s an intuitive goddess human), Jill and I got so much out of the experience. My hugest takeaway was that I was FLOODED (I mean, BEYOND flooded) with creative stimulation and massive inspiration during the session. I was also fighting off tears and huge waves of emotion which wasn’t entirely shocking to me, because I know what I need to work through that’s been sitting on my mind for months (okay, years, but I digress)."

~ Jordan Younger


Intro to Kundalini Mini Course


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We can't wait to see your “show ups” (when you show up for yourself with yoga, meditation + mantra) after you watch these videos and try the Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Class!!!

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That's less than a yoga workshop and you get lifetime access, plus so much more!


Videos in this collection:

Hi! We’re Britt + Tara!

We are co-founders of Elevate the Globe and Studio Intune, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, reiki practitioners, intuitives, and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

We are high-vibrational living experts who pair the energy work of Kundalini yoga with mindset training and cosmic syncing to help people align with their own truth and the best way of living.

Our podcast, classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results. The transmission of energy we provide ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe. We’re obsessed with helping people like you ELEVATE and live a life beyond your wildest dreams... to leave the “normal” and the “regular” behind, and call in a life that’s magical and extraordinary.

Intune was manifested out of a vision to elevate the vibration of the planet. One person at a time. With over hundreds of meditation, breathwork, and kriya yoga practices on demand and customized for you, Intune is helping humans all over the world strengthen their emotional and mental well-being.