Connect Back to Your Inner Self, Get Crystal Clear & Tap Into Your Intuition With Embodied Confidence

How to STOP being indecisive and become an EXPERT MANIFESTER.

Tap into your inner psychic, become a clear channel for downloads and signs from the universe, and allow life to work WITH you instead of AGAINST you.

Get intuitive hits on a daily and make more aligned decisions, even if they feel a little uncomfortable. Dive deeper into the tools, spiritual teachings, and energy work for reconnecting and activating your powerful intuition.



One way to know if you’re TRUSTING your intuitive voice and working in the higher vibrational frequencies is if you’re moving from a place of abundance and expansion rather than a place of lack.

Are you acting and making decisions because you’re afraid of what you’ll lose if you don’t?

Or are you moving forward knowing that the outcome will take you to where to need to be, even through the challenges?

That’s your intuition.

Babe, you have a SUPERPOWER. Developing and strengthening your intuition is powerful once you tap into it and you can use it to receive clear guidance all. the. time.

It unlocks the energy within you, activates a connection to higher consciousness, your higher self and creation energy and gets you UNSTUCK in life.

The choices in you become free-flowing and more open and receptive instead of something you feel you have to actively TRY to do every day.

Let's use our intuition to guide us through all the light and the darkness, project our energy back out into the world, and let our sparkly, magnetic auras shine!


Love, I’m so glad you landed here.

We’ve used our intuition to lead us down a pretty beautiful life even through some scary, uncomfortable choices like leaving our high-paying corporate jobs, moving across the country, and ending relationships.

It is possible to co-create and be in alignment with your highest self to manifest a more expansive reality and create a ripple effect in your life and for others around you.

“It's always been in my nature (June cancer baby!) to just know things and I have always felt very intuitive but I didn't know how to use it and didn't realize how much more I could develop it. Since honing in on my skills with these kundalini practices and teachings, I have had miraculous visions and hear messages daily that guide me. I can also see visions and I get information, knowings and messages for myself and others very vividly. Multiple clients have said I am spot on so much of the time. I like to guide people through my insight in certain situations and with certain people but mostly the biggest gift we can give is to pass on these teachings to help you awaken your own intuitive abilities and have daily practices to keep your channel clear, open and developing stronger so you can do it for yourself!” - Britt, Founder of Elevate the Globe



4-part workshop series from Britt + Tara

On the yogic science and anatomy of your intuition, the most common ways your intuitive hits are delivered, what the ego sounds like vs. the voice of intuition, and practical tips to help you tune into your intuition.

The Projection Mantra:

This is a Dhristi kriya which uses eye gazing to create a focused channel of energy and doing this kriya-meditation helps you to correct and activate the channel of the universe through your third eye.

Guest Workshop:

Dive Deeper Into Your Intuitive-Psychic Medium Abilities with MaryAnn DiMarco

Kundalini kriyas, meditations and classes

To begin aligning with your true north and open up to receiving more

What People Are Saying

“So very grateful for this series! Not gonna lie, I have always thought that I just didn’t not have any kind of intuition so have had no clue that one can attain clarity. Looking forward to diving in & cannot wait to strengthen this area of my self. Thank you both!”

~ Antonia

“Coaching with Britt has been life-changing. It has helped me heal and clear so many blocks and core wounds and energy. Britt channels guidance from higher realms and then gives me kundalini yogic exercises to help whatever I’m going through. Working with Britt has been one of the best decisions and investments in my life!!! She’s generous, loving and a pure light in this world. Her channeled guidance has proven true time and time again."

“This is so powerful. Feeling very expansive and got some insights into an issue I have been dealing with. Thank you!”

~ Heather


Intuition Rx 4 Week Course


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